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This article aims to help people who want to learn about the seed feature in Rails. After this article readers will be able to quickly populate their database with the predefined records.

In a standard Rails project, we have the seed file atdb/seed.rb.

This file is triggered by the rails db:seed command and runs in the Rails context. Which means all the model structure will be available within the file.

It is also triggered by the rails db:reset and rails db:setup commands.

As it is obvious from the name, the main purpose of this file is to seed the database.

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It has been 5 months since I have participated in one of the best modern schools in the world and more than a year since I have actively started to learn software development.

Since then, I have enrolled in these events:

  1. Udemy Python Course (50 hours, Paid, Teacher)
  2. SQL Course (120 hours, Paid, Teacher) • Dropped Out
  3. Front-end Bootcamp (60 hours, Free, Teacher) • Dropped Out
  4. Microverse (1500+ hours, Paid, No-Teacher)

Education is the very act of transferring the only thing we can transfer from a person to another person, that is “information”.

In this article, I will share insights…

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Engineering is about dividing problems into smaller partials. And then solving them with the best approach. As an engineer, I enjoy problem-solving.

In this article, you will learn how to create friendships on Rails. In the most basic form, this is far away from perfection. But totally working. You can find the GitHub repository link at the bottom of the page to dive deeper into the code. In the repository, you will also find very simple session management.

After reading this article you will have an understanding of friendships on Rails.

When you want to create a rails app with…

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After I got my Engineering diploma I have worked in several places. Those were professional factories including Croissant Production and Juice Extraction plants. I was dealing with data in all of those places. I understood that people could be much more successful with the help of software. So these incidents put me in a way to think more about handling data and finding my way in the computer world.

Since I first clicked on the Microverse advertisement time passed so quickly and I learned so much. …

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