3 Initial Experiences at Microverse

Kubilay Çağlayan
4 min readMar 18, 2020


After I got my Engineering diploma I have worked in several places. Those were professional factories including Croissant Production and Juice Extraction plants. I was dealing with data in all of those places. I understood that people could be much more successful with the help of software. So these incidents put me in a way to think more about handling data and finding my way in the computer world.

Since I first clicked on the Microverse advertisement time passed so quickly and I learned so much. The topic of my article is about the initial experience of the program, let’s move on to that point.

As I completed the first module successfully, I would like to share my experiences. Covering the first 23 days of experience.

Microverse is an online learning program that I believe will break the prejudice about “online things”.

Why? Because it will be very successful.

1. Community

1. Stand-Up Team

We have small groups of people usually 4 to 7 people from all around the world. And Starting the day with the same group and completing the day with the same group. This gives you a feeling of belonging and explaining yourself.

2. Coding Partners

As we move into the program we are meeting with new coding partners. This means meeting new working styles and learning more about how to get things done.

3. TSEs

Every time we finish a project a technical support engineer reviewing our code and giving feedback. This is a great opportunity to say them hi and appreciate their efforts.

4. Everyone Else

We have a great and vast community with people from over 100 different countries and the chance of saying them hello is great.

Most importantly we get to know new people and having a long time friendship. We are having a chance to help others.

2. Meetings

0. Meeting Culture

As a very respectful person, I never missed my meetings and always joined meetings in the time. This is the general culture in Microverse. People are caring for 1 minute. Because it is important.

1. PtoP Code Review

With our team, we are meeting every morning for half an hour to examine one of our’s code in detail and give him or her feedback about it. This gives a lot of favor for everyone. We have the chance to see different approaches to the same problem and refresh ourselves. Learning how to give and take feedback is important too.

2. Standup Meeting

Every end of the day we are meeting with our team again to talk about what we have accomplished on that day and sharing our blockers. Goals for the next day is another topic for this specific meeting.

3. Weekly Mentor Checkin

The weekly perspective of our mentors “checking us in”. Which means we are having small to medium dense talk with them about what is going on in the program for us. Including our overall mood, we are giving our thoughts about the flow. As our mentors are making further studies in the program we have the chance to take advantage of that too.

4. Donut

Microverse giving us the chance to say hello to a random person every week. We call it the Donut app. It is so easy to become friends, share things, and help.

3. Projects

Projects in Microverse are the milestones of your learning process. They are the clear indications of your outcome.

1. Study/Application Balance

Naturally, before every project, we are having our learning process in our path. I usually find it useful to click additional links, inline references in our main articles, and never got regretful so far. Putting a little more effort on the study part is acceptable in our program. Though one shouldn’t get lost in researching and get the most important parts from it.

2. Tuning Yourself With Coding Partner

Tuning and according myself with a coding partner is a bliss for me. I LOVE meeting new people and different views. So I always leave the lead to my partner to see his or her approach or how to say.. the first glimpse… With a little effort and time, two strangers have that chance to become friends. Moreover, by sharing time and responsibilities this unique experience is opening a really long way of friendship. Personally, I always would like to show them that I am a lifelong friend of the best people.

3. Getting the Project Approved

In every project, we have our requirements list which is very clear. I read it every time. And after I read it do you know what am I doing? I am reading it again. Every information you need to pass your project is on that list.

4. Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Once I got used to my GitHub account I started to use it more effectively by following the progress of my colleagues. This helped me a lot because I offered them help when I saw they are stuck.

5. Working Extra

Microverse demands 40 hours per week but this shouldn’t be your limitation. Putting a few extra hours would help you a lot in the mainstream time to be more relaxed when reading, learning, and coding.

At this point, I am sure it will be very nutritive for me in the next months. I will be giving more insights about the program in the future.